Tips on How You Can Repeat An Outfit!

Hey beaus I know it may feel like I have been missing in action for a bit but due to my work life; I didn’t get the time to write a blog post and honestly the blog post I had in mind will be posted maybe next week or so. But let’s get to the real matter at hand; I posted a picture on my IG sometime last week and one of my readers sent me a message stating that she loves my style and that I should get into styling lol. Little did she know I am still trying to figure out my own style. She also went on to say she wishes the stores in Antigua were a bit cheaper, so she could get more clothes for her money, and throughout our conversation she pointed about the big issue of clothing re-runs. Now first off, re-runs are bound to happen and honestly to me it is not an issue. Last time I checked, I can wear the same outfit I want a million times and not feel bad about it. Butttt it really comes down to what you buy AKA “your pieces and how you put them together. So I came up with some tips that I normally use for myself and decided to share it with you my readers, it may be somewhat useful and shitttt you’ll be saving a lot of money in the meantime.

Here are some simple ways to wear the same outfits and they look oh so different

Tip #1 Purchase a lot of neutral/Solid colors

We all know solid colors is easier to be repeated more often than prints. Like whites, blacks, and greys. If you wear a bright green top two days in a row, people will definitely notice, compared to maybe you having more than one black top that ultimately is the same top you wear every day. Discreet pieces such as plain blue or black jeans with like a white vest or button up will definitely go unnoticed and will always look good.


 Tip #2 Invest in separates

Investing in separates such as skirts and tops is easier to mix and match than when you invest in single outfits such as dresses. For instance, instead of buying a dress, buy about three tops or two skirts. So that way you can have options. And yes, having a little black/red/yellow dress is also necessity because truly you can style them a hundred ways! 


Tip #3 Choose pieces that can be styled differently

For instance, a button up can be worn with the sleeves rolled to above the elbows, buttoned at the wrists, tucked in at the waist, untucked, and even tied up. My friends, that is like 5 different outfits right there. Similarly, you can pair a plain jean which can be cuffed or uncuffed at the bottom, which can be worn with stilettos, strappy heels, chunky heels, strappy flats aka gladiators or sandals, ballet flats and even sneakers; you name it. These different styling changes can revamp your look making you look different in the same outfit every time.  Another example you can use if you want to repeat is pairing the outfits with a blazer. Next time around, replace all the other two with a skirt and a blouse. Tada! You are now repeating in style.


Tip #4 Don’t wear the same shoes

If you are going to completely replicate the entire outfit, be sure to change your shoes. Believe it or not, shoes sometimes make a statement and sets the tone of your outfit. I think shoes communicate the vibe you are going for and can let any out feel like a big enough switch to hide an outfit repeat.


Tip #5 Your Accessories

 A few statement pieces and pairing them with a repeat outfit can also make a big difference because they become the focus of your outfit and influence the overall look.


Tip #6 Making alterations

You can get handsy and make an alteration to something you have worn before. So for example, I recently did this to a jeans skirt I had. I wore it as a regular fitted jeans skirt and the second time around I distressed the skirt and gave it a slit and voila I got myself a new outfit. You can do this to a shirt, pants or skirt.


Tip #7 Hanger rotation

Sometimes I would hang whatever I wore at the opposite end of the closet and keep doing it. 


Tip #8 Around different people

This is one of the most primitive rule out there. If you have to repeat the same outfit/look from head to toe, make sure it is around different social circles and a different setting, remember not all outfits are appropriate for certain settings.

Tip # 9 Switch your hairstyle and makeup
Even if it is not a major difference, these details matter as well. A black maxi dress worn with open hair once and later with a sleek pull back or updo and red lipstick will feel and look different.

Tip #10 Use Combinations
This is the last tip that we have for you on repeating your outfits. What we mean is, you can use a combination of the above tips to vary your outfits each day. The tips above aren’t exclusive to each other so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Finally, I know the tips above may be difficult for a person to follow but this final tip is key!

Tip # 11 The photo issue
Social media has brought forth a big problem. You photograph everything and post it online, or your friends do. In that case, it increasingly becomes difficult to repeat outfits without worrying. It does happen trust! And though I would not say limit your use, I can only suggest that if you have a small wardrobe like myself and feel intimidated by posting pictures in the same clothes online (which I don’t have a problem) then you must be discreet, post only what is necessary. Though, this point is completely up to your personal choice.

I wanted to also add, when you get older and as your confidence grow, your priorities will change and things like re-using an outfit multiple times won’t even come to mind. When you are confident you will walk around in the exact same outfit and not care what anyone else has to say about it. You will post on social media in the same outfit and be fine with it. Long gone are the times when we were afraid to do re-runs. We are more confident in ourselves now and how we want to feel and like I said getting pieces to mix and match would be important especially for someone balling on a very tight budget like myself.



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