My All Time Favorite Foundations

Despite seeing a lot of beauty launches come my way, I’m pretty set when it comes to my go-to foundations; a stash of no fail formulas that keep me feeling pretty content with my makeup. I think everyone has that foundation that they trust and repurchase even before it runs out….its just one of those products that you don’t mess around with!

I actually have three fav/go to foundations I keep in rotation just because I feel like I need them at different times in my life. “yeah I know I’m doing the most lol”

This one I will never be without….mac-1

Mac Studio Fix Foundation is the top of my list. This foundation applies on my skin so smoothly and seamlessly for a naturally perfected complexion in one effortless application. I love the full coverage nature of the product and the fact that it gives me a natural glow. I also love how even it leaves my skin, it really works to camouflage my imperfections like my  acne scaring and birth mark “yes I have a big one that takes up half of my face”. I normally layer it up because I love the overly full coverage look but it also depends on my mood. Plus the shade I use is just perfect for me (my shade is NW45). This is a long time love of mine through my various skin issues. I cannot live without this foundation.

The one that’s fast becoming a staple….bobbi brown

I’ve always wanted to try the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation but I thought… is this the foundation worth the extra money I would have to spend.  But I closed my eyes and said let me try it and so I did and fell in love. Thankfully, it did not disappoint especially in the islands where it is hot as hell! It offers great coverage with a touch of radiance that gives my skin a smooth and soft glow. Best for: anyone who likes a natural, build-able base.




This one is for my work week days….Maybelline- Coconut

The Maybelline matte foundations weren’t my fav at first just because it was very lightweight in my opinion. But I then realized that the foundation is build-able. It offers build-able coverage with a matte and soft finish. I use it on work days because it does the job and its affordable for fast repurchase.



I don’t see myself straying from this winning lineup for some time…..have you tried any of these?

What’s your go-to base?


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