Quick Daily Skin Care Routine

I personally like to take care of my skin in a simple way and before I apply makeup I always do this skincare routine before my actual makeup application. I have found that it makes my makeup go on smoother and makes it look better overall. This skincare routine is what I do every morning as well. I will do an in depth skincare routine sometime later down in the year. This skin care routine is used with a combination of products I find that work amazing together.

But lemme stop all my rambling; oh and don’t come for me I’m looking a bit busted lol.

The steps and the products I use are listed below.

Step 1- DermaE Hyrdating Wipes– can be used to remove makeup or sometimes i use it before I start my skin care routine.

Step 2- Alba Botanica- Good & Clean Detox Foaming Cleanser– this smooth cleanser softens and moisturises the skin while also detoxifying the skin. Itโ€™s also great to remove makeup.

Step 3- Alba Botanica- Hawaiian Facial Toner– this toner help to remove the excess dirt that the cleanser, I use a cotton pad when to apply the toner.

Step 4- DermaE- Hydrating Eye Cream– This eye cream helps to reduce bags and puffiness around the delicate eye area.

Step 5- Schique- Lumistone Face Moisturiser–ย A luxurious nourishing face cream that leaves skin hydrated and smooth, and helps even out skin tone. It has SPF, which protects the skin too.

A good skincare routine is all you need to have smooth and great skin.


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