Weekend Review: Wedding Edition

Hey Beaus,

So this past weekend or should I say last weekend I got the opportunity to see one of my longest and best friends get married. The wedding was amazing, from the song she used to walk up the aisle, to the groom crying and us hoping he did lol it was simply beautiful. I also shed some tears as well….I’m such a damn softy at times; I have been to weddings before and said awwwww this is beautiful or sweet but I think because I had a role in the wedding it kinda hit home. When I look around I see a number of young persons my age who are either in serious relationship, engaged or already married. I assume it’s “our time” so to speak.


This wedding has me excited to fall deeply in love, meet my future husband and do the whole wedding/marriage thing. When they say weddings are bliss it is truly a powerful statement. I also observed that family and friends are important because the way they come together for a union(although many times I think the bride probably told off someone lol). Grievances are usually put aside for her to have her perfect day, which I think she did.



A marriage is a union that brings not only family but friends together. It creates an extended family that you know you will have forever. It was also a joy to see that everyone gelled and got along like we knew each other before.


It was also fun to celebrate with the bride and groom as you see the fulfillment of years of prayers being answered. Seeing them together and having a partner who is supportive and who genuinely wants to make you happy is a blessing.

“we make room for love when we first invite understanding into our hearts”

I have always heard that when someone gets married it brings people together and I have witnessed that during this union.

PS: I told the bride to invite single people to the wedding and she did the opposite lmao my friend was not looking out for us single people; so no I didn’t meet a guy for my nosey readers and to add I didn’t catch the bouquet this time around 😏 maybe next time lol.

We had an after party that took us to breakfast fete which is the biggest fete on island during the season, I don’t remember much but I do know that it was an extended celebration lol.

Overall we all had a blast all weekend and the guests had a wonderful time as well.

I wonder which one of my friends are up next!

What was carnival weekend like for you?

Comment below let me know.


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