The Truth About Meeting The Right Person at the Wrong Time.

So you meet someone and they’re amazing you connect instantly, you can’t stop smiling, you can’t stop giggling and no it’s not because you’re drunk. It’s because this person triggers something in you that you forgot was there. They make you feel alive then suddenly, all the lyrics to every stupid love song starts to make sense and that mushy feeling you thought you didn’t have appears out of nowhere lol.

There are so many signs that you two were meant to be together from reading your horoscope that said you might meet someone special in the next year, to catching the bouquet at a wedding, (which I have done lol) to your bff getting married. All the signs are there.  And then BAM! It hits you like a load of flippin bricks. Almost every time something happens outside your control to shatter your dreams about this perfect person. Whether it’s that things are moving too fast or that they started a new job, or they live miles away, whatever it may be the timing is just wrong. Or so you tell yourself. You call your friends and they give you the same old shitty advice” he’s just not ready for everything you have to offer”…he’s not calling because he doesn’t want you to know how obsessed he is with you”, it’s only been 8 years since he got out that bad relationship he still needs time to heal…. UGH enough with the LIES.

What your friends are actually too afraid to tell you is that, the person you can’t stop thinking about is just “NOT THAT INTO YOU”.

When someone passes you up because the timing is wrong, what they’re really saying is, hey I think you’re great and I like you…but just not enough to date you seriously. I would love it if you could hang around while I keep my options open, just in case I can’t find anything better.”

The truth is: when you meet the right person at the wrong time they’re actually just the wrong person. When the right person comes into your life, it will always be the right time because the right people are timeless. A while back I met a very nice guy and things felt oh so right. We had an instant connection, I liked him a lot. It felt like I knew him my whole life even though we had basically just met. The only explanation I had for this was god sent him lol and then BAM! He put the brakes on, telling me that the timing wasn’t right since he had a lot going on with life and work. He suggested we slow it down and work on our friendship (which also conveniently gave him the space he needed to bang a bunch of girls I’m assuming). At first I thought to myself, if only we met a year from now. Just my luck…I met the perfect guy (mind you I hardly really knew him) and the timing is all wrong. It didn’t even occur to me that he just wasn’t into me hahahaha (I wasn’t laughing back then).

The saddest part about meeting someone you believe will be in your future is realizing that they don’t see you in their future. It’s much easier to accept bad timing excuses than it is to admit that just because you love someone, it doesn’t mean they have to love you back.

How sad is it to chase someone who doesn’t see how wonderful you are- someone who takes your beautiful smile for granted, who doesn’t adore your flaws, who doesn’t hold you and love you the way you deserve to be loved?

Love should never be so painful that you find yourself lying awake at night wondering if you’re enough, feeling too scared to say how you really feel, wanting to hear their voice but being afraid to call because you don’t want to come off needy, or crying yourself to sleep wondering why he hasn’t called and if he’s out with someone else.

With the right person, you’ll never have to question their love or like, because you’ll just know. You’ll know that no matter what you thought you wanted before, this is better. Everything is better since they came along. Because the truth is there is no such thing as wrong timing; you’re just meeting all the wrong people.


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