37 Signs- He’s just not that into you!

I have found myself in some instances where a guy was just not into me, and thought why not share lol. This is a pretty common topic because dating these days have just gotten so damn hard, and there are so many no good options out there 🙄less people want commitment, and more people seem to be looking for attention instead of a genuine connection. It’s extremely common these days to be led on by someone for a few months who keeps a few options lying around while they figure out what they really want. Listen, I have realized that people love options. Shit I love having options lol.

If he likes you a lot, he would commit…probably forever. The only reason he’d be too afraid to fall for you is because he probably has someone else in his life, lurking in the backgrounds. There are plenty of other emotionally available guys out there for you. So if you’re still wondering whether or not he likes you, below are 37 signs you can use to figure that out:

37 is a lot yes but just read through the post it’s not that long lol.

  1. If he’s texting you all day but not making concrete plans, he’s really into the attention but just not that into you.
  2. If he only talks to you about sex, he’s just not that into you.
  3. If he watches all of your IG stories/snaps, even replies to them, maybe even likes your IG pics but NEVER calls or texts you to take you out then he is just not that into you and is keeping you on the back burner while searching for something better. It takes very little effort to like a pic or to watch someone’s story. It takes way more effort to actually think about you and call you.
  4. If he’s only talking about himself and doesn’t bother asking about your day or life, he’s just not that into you.
  5. If he tells you he’s emotionally unavailable or he’s not looking for anything right now RUN!!!!! because he’s just not that into you.
  6. If he’s telling you about other girls he’s talking to, he’s just not that into you.
  7. If he’s trying to take it slow and makes comments like, “Let’s just see where this goes,” or “I’m just so busy with work right now,” or “My ex and I broke up five years ago and I’m still healing,” or “I just want to work on our friendship first,” he’s just not that into you (not to mention the other six girls he’s currently entertaining, including his ex).
  8. If he thinks or calls you high maintenance, he’s just not that into you.
  9. If your relationship feels one-sided and you’re the only one making an effort to the point that you’re afraid that if you don’t reach out, you probably won’t hear from him, he’s just not that into you.
  10. If he fills your head with lies and promises but doesn’t actually deliver, he’s just not that into you.
  11. If he takes hours to days to get back to you because “he’s been so busy,” or doesn’t respond at all sometimes, he’s just not that into you.
  12. If he only hits you up at 2am, he’s just not that into you. You’re a booty call sweetie.
  13. If he is constantly criticizing you, he’s just not that into you (and he’s a forking insecure asshole that’s taking his insecurities out on you).
  14. If he’s constantly adding a ton of other girls on Instagram, liking their pictures, and leaving thirsty comments, he’s just not that into you.
  15. If he shows zero interest in the things that you do or like or really anything about you except your vagina and you feel like you’re constantly feeding his ego, he’s just not that into you.
  16. If he openly flirts with other women right in front of you, he’s just not that into you.
  17. If he treats you like everyone else and doesn’t even really look at you when you’re around, he’s just not that into you.
  18. If he’s not rushing you into sex, he probably just has a small pipi (hehe just had to include this one).
  19. If he goes radio silent on you for days to a week at a time and has done this more than once, he’s just not that into you.
  20. If he’s not including you in his future plans and/or you have to find out via social media when he’s out of town, he’s just not that into you.
  21. If he doesn’t seem to care about your relationships with other men whatsoever—if he doesn’t even demonstrate a tad of jealousy or address being exclusive or anything like that—he’s just not that into you.
  22. If he’s never done anything nice for you and just does the bare minimum so you stick around, he’s just not that into you.
  23. If he’s never vulnerable with you and never really opens up emotionally, he’s just not that into you.
  24. If he never takes you out and only tries to “chill” (aka Netflix and vagina), he’s just not that into you.
  25. If he comes on strong at first but then suddenly backs off, he’s just not that into you (truth is, he found someone new to give him attention).
  26. If he’s the kind of guy you don’t feel comfortable calling when you need help, he’s just not that into you.
  27. If he never talks about his family or friends and you’ve never met either, he’s just not that into you.
  28. If your friends can’t stand him (I know this one is odd but sometimes your friends can see what you’re too blind to see), he’s just not that into you and it’s time to move on.
  29. If he’s constantly too busy for you but magically always has time for his friends, he’s just not that into you.
  30. If he cancels plans at the last minute, blows you off when you try to make plans, and never sets an actual time to see you, he’s just not that into you (even if he blows up your phone all the time—he just likes the attention).
  31. If he confuses the shit out of you and always keeps you guessing, he’s just not that into you, stop guessing and move the hell on.
  32. If you’re always the one going the extra mile for him then at this point not only is he just not that into you but you’re also being used, sis.
  33. If you’re constantly wondering how he feels about you, he’s just not that into you because when a man wants something they make it known.
  34. If everything seems like it’s done on his terms and conditions, he’s just not that into you.
  35. If he’s really brief in texts, never calls, and always asks to hang out at the last minute, he’s just not that into you and you’re his last resort.
  36. If he’s not fighting for you and doesn’t care if you walk away, he’s just not that into you. You deserve someone who fights for you!
  37. If you don’t feel like he’s that into you or he tells you point blank that he’s not that into you, then sis open your eyes! He’s JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU.

Now if you’re reading this blog thinking about him, most likely your gut feeling is correct and you damn well know he’s just not that into you.

As hard as it is to accept, the truth is that if he wanted you, you’d know. If he doesn’t want you now, he just may not want you ever, so stop waiting around for someone who you will never have. Trying to fight for someone who doesn’t want you will only lower your self-esteem. Listen, I’ve been there and I like to think of myself as an attractive young lady, who is personable, fun and modest and he still wasn’t into me lmao. (It is only funny now because back then I was not laughing)

It hurts when someone doesn’t want you, but it hurts even more to keep chasing someone like a fat behind.

So try to let go of whomever it is you’re thinking about while reading this blog, no matter how hard it might be. And please blame yourself, because you saw the signs. However, don’t apologize for being stupid because these things happen. There is so much you can offer someone and if they aren’t ready or like you like that then that’s okay as well- their loss. Trust me eventually you will look back and laugh then understand why it didn’t work out.

I’m not god or any higher power but I’m pretty sure there is someone out there for you. Sometimes we just need to realize that we deserve better. Not because you got rejected means that you can’t make room in your heart for someone new.


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