Summer Fashion: White Tee and High- Waisted Jeans

Hey Beaus,

Yes yes I know its another white shirt and denim look but it is summer!

A denim and a white tee can be so chic and versatile, when you stroll through the pictures you will see I went from a very simple look to something a bit sexier as I went out for drinks later that evening and all I added was a clutch to my look.

This tee is just a regular tee I got from old navy (Fun Fact: I love white so I buy a lot of white t- shirts….I have a ton). I wore it two ways to show versatility. As you will see it can be worn tied up or you can let it hang or even wear it inside the pants if you like. Versatile right. I have worn it all three ways btw.

Now these jeans (I got from a local store called House of Pink) I have worn these a million times since I got them lol. I think right now they are the only high waisted jeans I run for when I’m going out. So it is safe to say they are my go to for the summer.  As I get older I find myself buying a lot of jeans, I do believe is because its safe and easy for me to pair with a top……. you can dress it up or down if you want. You may want to size up in these because I am between a 26 and 28 right now and these are a 26 and they are a bit tight. Also, since I’m giving sizes my top is a Small (old navy tends to run big).

On to my feet, this is a Ankle Strap Dress Sandals in the color mustard, I got from Charlotte Russe and I do believe they have them in other colors.

Finally, my hoop earrings and my watch are from amazon.

You can click on the link so above and below so you can start shopping.

I love wearing jeans and a tee.











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