Weekend in Review/ Photoshoot

Hey Beaus!

I will be sharing with you what I did this past weekend. My weekends are not very eventful at times. For instance,  a normal Saturday entails going to the gym which I did, and chilling with my mom and sis. This Saturday however, was bit different. I got the chance to be a part of a photoshoot put on by a photographer by the name of Chavel. If you don’t know him just click—->  dotkidchavy . He is the youngest photographer I have ever worked with and is also one of those young people who has an awesome creative mind….you will see his pictures when you click on his IG. So of course I felt a bit honored that he asked my fat ass to be in a photoshoot for him lol. Mind you, my plan is to shoot with him one day when I get to my goal weight, but that’s for another time lol.

Anyhoo I didn’t know exactly what the shoot was about because the only details I got was to walk with a white swimsuit (which I didn’t have) and come to the location for a specific time….how spontaneous lol. Now lemme tell ya’ll, when I got to the secret location I saw a number of cars parked up and I was wondering if they were just on the beach or if all these people were going to be a part of the shoot lol but it was the latter.

Now after I would have completed my part and waited for the others to do their thing I took a look down the beach shore and saw all dark skinned women and it was dark skin women of all different shades and color. I said to my friend who was with me at the time…….this is so fucking beautiful.

Like I always knew dark women are beautiful but just seeing all of them close together gave me a greater appreciation for my skin color and darker women in general, oh and lets not speak about the men which you will see below.

Photo Credit: @dotkidchavy
Photo Credit: @dotkidchavy

I say all of this to say….sometimes we don’t really appreciate our own kind, as in women of color, and no not the mixed ones with the curly hair. Sometimes we as darker skinned women get a bit insecure because of our complexion as we do not see the real beauty in it.

Black is really fucking Beautiful and we as women should really embrace our skin color regardless of if we think of it as ugly or someone else thinks it is unattractive. I only got like one picture to share from the shoot but this picture in itself speaks volumes in my opinion.

PS: Be confident in the skin you’re in. No matter your shape, or height you are beautiful! Fearfully and wonderfully made. Now begin to live, love and walk that way.


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