Where the hell have I been?


Hey beaus, yes I found a new name for my readers lol.

Yes yes I know I know I have been missing in action for about 6 months but in all honesty life has really happened. After I could not continue doing blogmas I got very discouraged then Christmas and new year’s came around and I just didn’t make the time that I should have to get my blogs edited. People may think blogging is easy but finding someone to proof read your blog can be very hard especially when you don’t have the money to pay them, putting content together as well takes up a lot of time. I am sure other bloggers reading this can relate, so it was extremely hard for me to get my blogs edited……and yes my friends can proof read my blogs but urmmmm they have lives as well;

I also got a bit demotivated as well because I felt like nobody was really reading my blogs, but to my surprise when I stopped blogging people were asking me what the hell is going on, which was so funny to me….now let’s fast forward to year 2018. January is that month that still feels like the year before and it took me up until MARCH to adjust. Additionally, work got in the way, I had a death in my family which still to this day has me torn and of course I couldn’t really blog. I was going through so much during the first part of the year. I will of course share some of it with you if not in this post in the near future.

Now work life combined with life life I just could not make the time to blog, and I missed blogging and writing down my thoughts. However, I always say everything happens for a reason so this break was a needed buttttt I am coming back full force. First lemme tell y’all…..I lost majority of my old content, because I have been inactive on my site for over 6 months all my shit was gone with no backup’s but I manage to retrieve some of my older post which you will see on my website. I am now on a new platform which gave me hell to get but after all the hell I’m loving wordpress lol.  So you guys will be getting a lot more content every week. Summer is already here so I will definitely be sharing my summer outfits and summer nights and mornings lol with you. I will also let you guys in on if I found a bae for summer lol.

THINGS THAT HAVEN’T CHANGED: Yes I’m still single and dating *I just can’t seem to find bae* lol, or maybe I’m too picky but that’s for another post.

Anyhoo I hope my beaus aren’t disappointed in me and understand that shit happens. Coming to my blog will be MAJOR REALNESS post, makeup tip and bits, beauty tips and hacks, some reviews and maybe what have been going on for me fitness wise *which hasn’t been much* lol.

I miss my beaus so much and I hope this time around you will be more interactive with me as I share my life journey with ya’ll. It’s gonna be MAJOR REALNESS lol.



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