Moments That Makes You Feel Single AF

Couple weeks ago while talking to my bestie Lindsay and just hearing the bunch of things that she does with her husband, it hit me that I am sooooo single, *I’m rolling my eyes while I say that* lol. And yes I have embraced it, I actually love the single life and the bonuses that comes with it. (you don’t have to share your bed and space, don’t have to put up with untidy person, don’t have to tell anyone where your going, all that good stuff!).

Butttttt, there are certain things in life that I swear exist to remind you about your relationship status and how boring and lonely it can be. And all those things/instances has left me and I’m sure some of you saying to yourself.

“I am single AF”.

Let us get into it:

  1. Getting invited to a wedding and being graciously given a plus-one– urmmmmm why are you giving me a plus one, you know damn well that I don’t have no significant other to bring lol.  And having to send back that RSVP with an X or something indicating you have no plus one, so annoying, but gets painful and real each time something like that happens and your still single.
  2. Bouquet Tosses– So since I’m already talking about weddings, I figure why not speak about the bouquet toss. Why must every wedding do the bouquet toss to the“Single Ladies”song. I use to love that song but now when it comes on at weddings I get annoyed.
  3. When your best friend gets a boyfriend– that means that you are definitely not gonna have your friend at leisure anymore, because in most cases you’re going to have to share. Just consider it fun while it lasted.
  4. When even what’s-her-name on Facebook gets engaged before you– A new day, a new Facebook notification or Instagram post that everyone except you is happily engaged. Or already married. Or on kid no.4. and you are just really thinking about what you can do to lose some weight, or grow your hair, go back to school or even what will your next vacation trip be. (yes we all see it in meme’s and they are very true).
  5. Pretty Much every Holiday– Valentines Day sucks for the obvious reason, Christmas is normally super fun because your spending time with family, but then at the family dinner your cousin walks in with her boyfriend and everyone is so nice giving them both attention and then a family member who loves drama ask you if you still single.
  6. Your Mom– I know for me my mom loves to pry and loves asking who I’m dating, then she would say things like “oh Michele I really hope you meet a nice guy soon and y’all will get married. Your parents always have a way of making you feel even more lonely lol
  7. When your car desperately needs to be washed down– Yes of course you can wash your own car down and yes of course you can take it to the car wash but then you start to “what if”I had a boo thang he would gladly do it. (well I’m guessing some guys would gladly do it).
  8. Going to a party then going home to a cold bed– have you ever gone to a party then after the party is over, obviously it’s that time to go home and your walking out and of course you will see a couple going to their car and you wished that could/should be you. Buttt ohhhhh no you are going home to that cold bed.
  9. Bad Dates- You finally decide to go out with someone, only to realize you’d be much happier cuddled up alone in your bed watching a lifetime movie or in my case binge watching on Netflix than listen to him talk about himself any longer or even try to wrap you with corny lines or in some cases both of you are on a date but are not conversating. Being single is better if that’s the alternative.
  10. Why are you single?– this may sound weird but this question takes things to a different level. Like you go home and start wondering what’s the issue, who is the issue and all that jazz. Don’t ask me why I’m single, like I really don’t know.

Just thought I would share with all of you the moments that make me feel single. You can let me know if I hit it on the nail or not.

I laughed when I thought about these moments because they are sometimes so silly and are normally quickly ignored.

Until next week


Thank You for Reading

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