Life Hacks

Life Hacks I have learned throughout my 20’s…yes I’m still in my twenties so I am still learning as I get older.

I had a conversation with someone the other day and the conversation took a turn for the best I believe. Throughout my teenage years and even early twenties, who would have thought I would have learnt so much in that short space of time and I’m sure you guys can relate. Especially when you’re having deep conversations about life. Ughhhh so intense but necessary cause it reveals so many do’s and don’ts that can make life so much easier.

I’m going to share with you guys my top 10 life hacks that I incorporate on a daily. Only 10 because if I had to mention all you guys would be bored as hell and wonder what the hell is she ranting about lol, well maybe some of you.

LIFE HACKS!!!!!!!!!!

Life Hack # 1- How other people judge us is none of our business; we won’t please everyone anyway-  I was always a person who thought that I didn’t give a rat’s ass about what someone had to say about me, but as I got older and coming out of my teenage years that seem to change. I started realizing that I in fact let someone’s opinion about me actually affect me. As I got into my early to mid-20’s and started experiencing more in life, I slowly started changing and growing. I started to realize that other people’s opinion of  me didn’t matter and the only reason I was so affected by it was because I let myself be. Something only affects you if you let it. Someone once told me….. “what other people say or think or even want you to be is a reflection of them”– THEIR values, insecurities, expectations and standards which has not a damn thing to do with me (in this case). People who truly know who you are they won’t judge you or try to change you. As they see and know your spirit. For people who don’t, then there is nothing you can do to control their thoughts and actions.

We are not robots who are imprinted to be the same; there can only be one version of you so always remember to be yourself and be your best self.

Life Hack #2- No one is prefect; we are all a work in progress;  People might seem to have their lives together and live perfectly, especially if you are judging based off of someone’s social media page; but most times you have to remember people won’t post their stress and worries of their life on social media. Sometimes when you get to know them on a more personal level you see that the most seemingly perfect person has insecurities and problems. I always get the statement “your life is so perfect” and I always stop them in their tracks with a “HECK NO ITS NOT!” I have worries and challenges every damn day “ NOT LITERALLY EVERYDAY” but you guys know what I mean. No one is perfect and is a definite answer that most persons are a work in progress. Besides I think we as humans will always be a work in progress because we are always trying to do more when our goals have been accomplished. There is always something we will be working on.

Life Hack #3- Living according to your Values and Truth is the most satisfying thing in life; – determining my main values in life which are currently health, freedom connections and self-development has put me on a better path to growth. It gives me clarity and strength to make difficult decisions, like ending toxic friendships and relationships or leaving that job that you hate so much. No matter what you do, if you stick to your values and truth, things always turn out for the better, even though at times making tough decisions can be a pain in the ass.

Life Hack #4- Negativity- “MS NEGATIVE NANCY”. – Around last year I have this one girlfriend that always called me negative Nancy and I would laugh, ignore it and tell her I am just being real and I am not being negative. I would even joke with her and tell her I am going to fire the job “it was always a joke to me because Lord knows I never thought of myself as a negative person”. I NEVER!!! Took her seriously until one day I was having a conversation with someone “YES I’M ALWAYS CONVERSATING WITH PEOPLE LOL” and I realized everything that came out of my mouth was a damn negative sentence or statement and the funny thing is being negative was actually affecting me in my personal and even trickled into my work life. Being negative was living within me “WHICH SUCKED BY THE WAY” nothing ever went right and I was wondering “WHY ME? ALL THE TIME.  Then I realized that everything that triggers us is a gift, as it points out the areas that we haven’t dealt with or things that are unhealed within us. So now I was at the point where I had no damn choice but to deal with my triggers “Ughhhhh I was so annoyed by this by the way lol”. But after addressing the issues and problems with myself and the people around me I started feeling wayyyyy better.

I told myself that I should have done this a long time ago chupz. (this is sucking your teeth to Antiguans lol). Facing your problems head on and accepting your failures and challenges was what I needed in my freaking life. So I finally got serious and fired that job of being “MS. Negative Nancy. I now live my life in a positive light and trust me guys I feel so good and happy. “Thinking Positive = A Positive Life”. Trust me I can attest to this statement.

Life Hack #5- Other people don’t always want our help. – I recently learned this and it took me a while to come to terms with because I always have some kind of advice to give to someone or I always want to help somebody. But I realized that we have to stop forcing our beliefs or trying to help others if our help is not welcomed. I made this mistake way too many times lol and I think we all have been in situations like this one. It took some bad experiences for me to realize that if someone is not ready for your help, (put it back in your pocket and wait) they will not accept it and you will do more damage rather than a service.

Life Hack #6- Don’t take things personally– we suffer when we identify with things, people, circumstances, situations, and even relationships. Embracing the attitude that nothing belongs to us at all and has just been very liberating and has brought ease and joy to my life. Not everything someone says or do is a deliberate act to make your life hell or even hurt you. I have learnt that is not everything in life you have to take personal because sometimes things aren’t meant for you to take it personal. Pick your battles wisely.

Life Hack #7- Listening to your heart even if it looks ridiculous from a logical perspective will never fail you. – I have always been a logical thinker and I was a person who never followed her heart. But as I got older that somewhat changed (GETTING OLD CHANGES YOU). All my best decisions in life didn’t make much sense. From the outside perspective, I think I looked crazy when I made them. But there was this inner voice saying even if you don’t know how exactly it’s going to turn out, all is going to be okay. JUST DO IT MICHELE.

Life Hack #8- Forgiveness is the key to freedom– I am always having this conversation about forgiveness with my family. We are all going through this rollercoaster called life and trying to do the best we can with what we have. I have learned to let go of anger and any grudges, I DON’T THINK I HAVE HAD GRUDGES THO, MOSTLY ANGER LOL, but forgiving others and yourself for being a regular smhgular imperfect human being is very therapeutic.

Life Hack #9- I’m biased (and so are you) and I know it (and so do you)- I have grown to see that we as humans are always gonna be biased, lol I realized that our perspective is neither better nor worse than someone else’s, letting go of the need to be right and understood has accelerated my growth and allowed me to see life from many different perspectives. Being biased isn’t a crime sheesshhhhh!

Life Hack #10- Health is more important than appearances – people always look on me funny when I say I’m in the gym and lemme not say I want to lose weight cuz I get that “Bitch you don’t need to lose weight face” LOL. I’m at a point in life where at 27 I want to be in great shape because being healthy and fit improves the quality of MY life. “NOW I AM NOT PERFECT AND I LOVE MY FOOD A LITTLE BIT TOO MUCH BUT GOING TO THE GYM MAKES ME FEEL GOOD”. I am not working out because I want to be a size 2 or even a size 4 or do I NEED to look hot to impress others. I tried to convince myself that I shouldn’t care about what other people think of me but heck I still cared just a little bit- until I learned how to love myself and realized that all I ever needed was a genuine acceptance and appreciation from myself, and not others. Once we know who we are and are CONFIDENT about it, external approval becomes less and less important.

These life hacks have helped my personal development. I think as women we are too hard on ourselves, men I’m not leaving you guys out because you are similar to us in so many ways. Stop being hard on yourself and the more you just accept you as you are life becomes more fun and worry less.


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