Everyday Makeup Routine

Every day I get the same questions from different people or should I say women and sometimes even men about my makeup. I get questions like what do you have on your face or how your makeup looks so fresh and its’ been a long day- what are you using?

So I decided to share with you guys my very easy and simple everyday makeup routine. I make sure my face is clean of course, after that I moisturize my face which is a very important step. Sometimes I would use a primer and other times I don’t but I get the exact same results but for some persons using a primer is a must. After this I would do my eyebrows to include cleaning up my concealer, after my eyebrows appear prefect I would then apply my foundation with a beauty sponge/ beauty blender then I would apply my press powder.

My second to last step is my mascara of course the final step is applying my chap stick and my face stays on all day with no retouches. Sometimes if I want to spice up my look I would apply some lashes and a little liquid eyeliner.

My everyday routine is my go to look when I cannot be bothered with the contouring and highlighting and all that jazz. Besides I like keeping my makeup simple and fresh looking. I hope this helps you guys in some way or another your face doesn’t need to be drastic all the time.

The list of products I use.


Remember less is more people.

I hope this was helpful.

Talk to you guys soon and if you need more information please feel free to contact me.

Until Next Time


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