Is it all about you Surrounding?

Driving in the vehicle with two of my co-workers, one being my manager, somehow, we started talking about relationships, marriage and situationships. My manager after reading my situationships blog post was curious to know if that is really a thing, because in his days it wasn’t. So, after trying to explain to him what a situationship is, of course we started talking about relationships and marriage.

In speaking to them, I mentioned that majority of my closet friends are either engaged or married. So he said maybe I’m up next lol. I laughed out because I know that is very far from happening since I’m pretty much single and not dating.  I tried to explain to him that it’s just that time where a lot of us younger folks are getting older and deciding to settle down and be serious about life, so most of them decide to get married, which is great btw.

After I said that I zoned out, because I am a bad multitasker especially when I’m trying to do something in a short space of time.

After I zoned back into the conversation, I heard my manager saying “sometimes your single because perhaps your around other single people”. Don’t quote me but it was something of that sorts. Then I remember hearing something similar where they said “majority of young people who were raised in a home where their parents were married, typically follow those same footsteps”.

Then I looked at my friends who are married and thought wait maybe what my manager was saying is true, lol.

Obviously, it gives you something to think about.

I don’t believe all of it is true though, majority of the times is the woman or man you meet and how serious that person is with you. Everyone isn’t going to get married or meet their soulmate when they want to. Sometimes we meet our soulmate way later in life than others. Plus marriage isn’t easy.

But then he went into detail more and explained that if you are around single friends you will act and want to be single, especially if you’re comfortable being that way. He also went on to say that maybe the single lifestyle isn’t attracting the right people, and in some cases if you are around friends who are married normally you end up meeting someone who is more serious.

To me that sounded like the energy you surround yourself with is what you attract kind of thing, and I see exactly where he coming from. And that is just all a part of life.

I always heard the saying that you attract what and how you are. Majority of the time.

I say that to say this, maybe my manager is right, honestly I don’t know. My take on marriage, relationships or being single is this; Majority of the time it all has to do with the partner that you have, if you are compatible and if the relationship is going toward something. They’re very nice relationship type women who just don’t meet nice guys, hence they remain single, and the same for guys as well.

Sometimes you just get lucky and meet “the one”.

I just think everybody’s situation is different and if it’s meant for a person to be married, in a relationship or not, isn’t really determined by if he/she surrounds themselves with people who are married or in a relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I hear some truth in what my manager is saying, but it’s not that way for everyone. I’m quite sure that there are a number of people out there who literally all their friends are married and they have been single for yearss….ME lol, and then there is of course vice versa.

If you are dating, seeing someone or in a relationship with someone and they are ‘The One’, then obviously things will work out in your favour. On the other hand, if they aren’t then you will one day see that and eventually part ways.

Nothing in life is really definite, and all you can do is live it. Your truth isn’t mine, no matter how close you may be to a person and of course vice versa.

Let me know if you agree with my manager or not?

Shed some light on this blog post lemme know what my readers are thinking lol

Until next week


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