Confidence is KEY!

Hey guys happy Wednesday, and for those of you who live in Antigua and other Caribbean islands I hope you had a great holiday weekend.

But from my topic I think you have an idea of what and where my blog post will be going today. I had a conversation with this young lady who complimented me on how confident I am and what I did to become so confident, but I honestly had to break some things down to her because she’s not as confident as she should be.

Ask me why idk because she’s gorge.

And speaking with her, I am beginning to realize that in this world of social media our young women and sometimes young men of today are growing up lacking self esteem for whatever reason. I don’t know about you guys but hearing and speaking to a young woman who lack self esteem is sad, because self esteem and self confidence goes hand in hand and that would mean she lacks self confidence which is a real problem in my opinion.

The importance of self confidence in our lives can not be overstated, ever!

A lack of self confidence causes our lives to be tossed up and down. It could start with our bad decision making practices, and the fear of rejection by others. The need for love, affection, acceptance and belonging can become a focal point than the internal compass within us.

Then our bad lifestyle choices begin to emerge.

The desires to find acceptance by impressing someone has become the focal point in many of our lives today. The need to follow the fashion-trends, latest technology, friends, etc are just some of the things we do to keep up with the neigbours, so we aren’t regarded as outdated or falling behind. Our need to impress and be accepted becomes more important than for instance wise spending habits. Another thing, stop comparing yourself to others. When we compare ourselves to others we always look at the worst things we know about ourselves and the best things we know about others. When we do this it leaves us with a feeling of inadequacy and despair. But you should always tell yourself you can’t possibly be making a fair comparison since everyone situation and life is different. What may be good for someone will not be good for me and vice versa. (that is what I tell myself all the time) and it helps reject the negative idea about myself altogether.

You should celebrate your uniqueness, always remember that your life was never meant to be like everyone else. You don’t look the same, talk the same, your talents aren’t the same and trying to be like someone just to be “accepted” by others is one of the saddest things one could ever do because it will stifle you from enjoying life. Work on the things that make you unique and find confidence in them. You can also accept your weaknesses and work on making them your strengths.

And finally, learn to love yourself wholeheartedly, I am not saying to be cocky and selfish but love yourself because no one can love you like you love yourself. When people see that you love yourself and your confident in yourself, they have no reason to disrespect you or be disrespectful in whatever the situation, and this acceptance that your looking will not matter but the funny thing is people will gravitate towards you.

When you start having that love and confidence in yourself trying to please someone else won’t matter. You start feeling more motivated, energetic and of course confident.

Always remember how can you love someone else and not fully love yourself.

Young women and even men stop trying to live like these social media gurus, let them inspire you to get up and do something but don’t get down on yourself if you feel like you can’t keep up. Stop trying to be relevant in someone else’s life and start focusing on yourself and your life.

Live your life in your own lane and at your own pace, because in time you will get your reward.

Self confidence and self esteem provides the motivation to pursue your passions and live the life you have always wanted.

Until Next week


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