Fun Facts

I have been blogging for a little over a month and I think it’s time that I shared with my readers a little bit of me more personally.

I may end up doing a get to know me video which was suggested but I wanted to make it fun first with some random facts about me, did not want it to be long so the lucky number was 16.

So let’s get to knowing me a little better.

Fact# 1– I don’t like Ice Cream. Yes yes I know it’s weird but I will buy it and eat it if I see someone else eating it. If I do get it though it will have to be vanilla lol.

Fact# 2– Sleeping is my drug. Like I love sleeping and waking up makes me sad literally. My sister calls me lazy but she doesn’t understand and if I’m sleeping and you wake me up it’s a wrap lol and funny thing is my mom does it all the time.

Fact# 3– If I’m sick with the flu/cold I will refuse to drink or take anything syrup. Call me a kid but I just hate those syrup cold meds.

Fact# 4– I hate an unorganized or messy place. My bedroom is always clean like people who have comes to my house knows, I can’t function with mess. Like today my car was dirty and I could have waited to get it wash but I felt so bothered by how dirty it looked and felt I had to take it to the car wash. For my local peeps squeaky car wash is bomb.

No I don’t have OCD.

Fact# 5– I have no filter for my mouth. I am working on that though.

Fact# 6– No I don’t wear contacts, I have naturally brown eyes. I got it from my momma lol the only thing she gave me cuz I look nothing like her.

Fact# 7– If your leave out isn’t blended I would have to say something to myself of course. Always I can’t just see it and not think how I could fix the leave out.

Fact# 8– I hate needles but I have tattoos an piercings.

Fact # 9– I actually love reading, I’m sure you picked up that from my previous blog post. Yes I read in my spare time.

Fact# 10– I love going to the beach when it’s really hot.

Fact# 11– A little bit too straightforward and rude at times. (for the record I’m ashamed to say it but I can be).

Fact# 12– I can’t go to KFC and order a zinger combo without two extra pieces of chicken (drumstick and wing to be exact) and up-sized Orange/Mountain Dew soda, and yes I eat it all at once lol.

Fact# 13– I love all types of music n genres but don’t keep up with the latest.

Fact# 14- I do not fancy dogs AT ALL, and let us not speak about cats. I ran over my neighbors dog and felt bad for a min then said to myself it was the dogs fault, he didn’t move and he saw me coming.

Fact# 15– Cantaloupe and kiwi are my favorite fruits.

Fact# 16– I like to think that I’m a shy person sometimes.

Im going to stop here!

Talk to you guys soon


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