10 Life lessons learned recently:

Here we go!

  1. Remain positive and if your not then make a change because being a negative person only results in a negative life.
  2. Take Risks, not all risk are good but don’t be afraid to do something different or make changes and if that risk you would have taken turns out to be bad then it would have been a lesson learned.
  3. Stay far away from negative family and friends. Surround yourself with positive people because only then will your life be free of the drama and hate and you will see progression at some point in your life. Being around negative energy will only suppress you.
  4. Find something you love doing and try to stick with it. In other words get a hobby
  5. Spend lots of time with your family. Family is important they keep you grounded
  6. Keep those friends that are always there for you around. Yes you will need them at this point in life      you should know those goods friends and those bad ones.
  7. Don’t take life to seriously, have some fun
  8. Stop procrastinating (I know this all to well) when we procrastinate we never get things done in the time that they need to be done.
  9. Become closer to God, read your bible (I know for me it has given me a better outlook on life).
  10. Don’t be afraid to start over, sometimes starting over is what is needed in your life.


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