Procrastination is a BITCH!

Hey lovies so I’m back with another one, (I sound like DJ Khaled lol).

But from the topic y’all have an idea of where I am going with this blog post.

I have always been a procrastinator; I think I have been procrastinating for majority of my life, which is horrible. Let’s not speak about when I was in College, *rolls eyes*. I would always wait for the last minute to either study for an exam or do a project.

I would start but I would always tell myself I have time until the project would be due like the next day. At the time, I think I low key liked the pressure for some reason.

Now I’m an adult, I do the exact same thing. I would have banking or something to do and I always wait until the last minute to do it.

The only thing I don’t procrastinate on is cleaning my room lol, but I think it’s because I never let it get dirty or messy, that’s where I spend majority of my time and I cannot function nor sleep in mess.

In more recent years, procrastinating hasn’t been good for me, especially in my personal life. I was reading this book and it touched a bit on procrastinating and how it can negatively affect your life. Everything I read in the book kind of spoke to me. I realized that all my procrastinating have gotten me like half way through the goals I have set out for myself, and let’s not speak about the time frame to get some of my goals accomplished.

I was also having that conversation with friend of mine about procrastination, and we both agreed we could have done so much more if we weren’t procrastinating and being lazy. After looking into myself, I realized that I can be a bit lazy, and when I add my procrastinating trait it makes it worse, which sucks!!!!! So I told myself that I will stop procrastinating. Yeah just like that I decided to stop. I believe that if you want to make a change in your life you have to start somewhere and you have to actually START.

So, I wrote out a list of things I wanted to get done and started working on them.

But before that; I sat down and asked myself why do I procrastinate so much? I realized that I was fearful of failure, embarrassment, rejection and in some cases responsibility. I realized that awareness is key for growth, and from that I was able to move forward in a more positive light.

I also realized that sometimes I lack focus, and when I say focus, I mean REAL FOCUS. I was focused on all the wrong things, so of course I had to re-focus. I realized that I had to not focus so much on my bigger goals because they made me feel overwhelmed and stressed. So instead, I focused on the result instead of the task itself. I also dissected my goals into smaller tasks. I figured if I did it that way then in due time I will have achieved my bigger goals without stressing and feeling overwhelmed. I had to become somewhat fearless. I had to tell myself just go for it Michele, you can do it.

*lord knows this was a big test for me*.

Funny thing is guys, I got myself a daily planner and wrote down a list of things I wanted to get done in under a month and I meant I was going to stick to my deadline. The things I wanted to do were small task that was easy and manageable. It’s been about two weeks since I did that and surprise surprise I have been doing good so far. Surprisingly, I feel like it has lightened my load, I feel accomplished when I have completed a task and it has really helped me get closer to my bigger goals.

I know some of you reading this might be like urmmmm okay so what’s your point?

So here goes, procrastinating in life doesn’t really get you anywhere but where you have always been. If you want something you should go after it. Stop being fearful that maybe it won’t work out, or maybe you can’t do it, start off doing something small, you will see how much you would have gotten done in a short space of time. Having goals, whether it been personal or career wise is important. Working towards something and actually accomplishing it is a blessing in my eyes. Sometimes we look at others and wonder why they have this or that or how come it is easy for them to get this or that, but when we procrastinate we unknowingly keep ourselves behind.

So, stop the procrastination, find a regime that will help you to become a go getter rather than a procrastinator.

Writing down a list and working towards it by ticking off my task may have worked for me.  Find something that works for you, or just stop procrastinating and go get whatever it is you want. Trust me it is not going to be easy but when is life ever easy.

Lemme know if you ever felt the same as me and share with me what you have done to overcome it.

Until next time



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